Terry Rose

Subcategories: Tootsie Pop Series

Biography - Terry Rose - Pop Artist

I live for art. All the arts. I have drawn since I was a young child and have always tried to forward my passion for it. I believe my first painting was The Wall (Pink Floyd), on the wall in my parents' house when I was 16 years old. It is still there. From then on I had the bug. My first and foremost love is Impressionism. 

I started doing copies of the masters while in high school painting class. In the last 7 years I started doing pop art and abstract as well as other more realistic pieces. I have a vision for what I want and only lack of time or distraction can keep me from that. My goal is to follow a technique I learned to have a combination of first acrylic paint and oil paint on top of that and finish with oil pastels. This way I can build up texture with the richer color of oils and finally have the pastels cut into the texture produced creating tiny specks of bright color.

Magnetic Ink

I also find visions of nature that appear to be abstract but are in fact real depictions of the world we may not see. I call it abstract realism and am always looking for those pictures. When we paint we create no matter what we are doing, through color, texture and the imagining of our composition. Painting gives me reason and purpose and I hope to evolve with every painting I do to become a better painter. 

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